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How do you effectively plan out your landscape? One of the best design tips is to make sure you think about the entire year. You sure are going to need to handle everything one season and one step at a time, but considering ahead will help. You want your lawn to look good year round, even if you live in a place where snow covers the ground during the wintertime. No matter what season you’re in at the moment, here are some landscape design tips to get you going.

Just like it is a good idea to set a perimeter to your landscape, it is also a good idea to connect the dots so to speak. There are so many different ways to do that, and you’re going to have fun picking and choosing what landscape design elements you want to use. You can create walkways, plant in masses, connect the dots with color and much more. Getting creative is what makes gardening fun, although it’s certainly a good idea to have a solid plan before you get started.

Do you have a big yard? If you do, that’s good, though there can be significant green gaps in your landscape. They are going to be full of beautiful and luscious grass, but would you like there to be more in those places? You can connect the dots by planting more trees, but another creative solution is to use large rocks. You may think you know the size of the stone I’m talking about but think again.

You can use an enormous rock, and then you can start to plan out other design elements around the foundation. If you think about it, it would be quite charming. I hope you get something from these landscape design tips that you can use for your lawn.